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Armed Work Wear is basically three products in one: a great pair of work pants; a built-in tool belt; and a set of built-in, removable knee pads. After rigorous testing it was no surprise Armed Work Wear withstood the battle that is construction. Our pants keep workers armed and ready with:

  • 100% 12-oz. cotton canvas (canvas wears evenly rather than ripping like denim.)
  • 9 custom pockets placed ergonomically on the pants
  • Pre-shrunk and enzyme-washed fabric for comfort right off the shelf (most work wear is shrink-to-fit and takes about 10 washings to soften.)
  • Loose dungaree fit: loose through the hips and thighs (comfortable to work in; getting up and down while you’re working is much easier)
  • Double and triple stitching at all stress points
  • Built-in knee pads help eliminate knee pain and injury. (this is by far the biggest selling point of our pants–no sore knees!)
  • Less back strain because your knees are supported


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Armed Work Wear was featured in 2012 best DIY Tools


































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  • “I’m so glad we ran into each other that day and you showed me the new Armed Professional Painters’ Pants. I bought my first pair at Holiday Color Paint Store. These are the best painters pants I’ve ever had. It didn’t take long to get used to the soft cushion every time I knelt down after 22 years of hard knocks on my knees. I’m hoping for your success in selling these Armed pants because I never want to buy any kind. Besides the built in kneepads, I love the custom pocket on the front of the thigh for the nail set. I don’t have to search around for it in the side pocket of regular paint pants that also contains a blade, duster brush, pencil, and any number of other items a painter needs to keep handy. Also greatly appreciated is the pre-washed softness. Every painter knows how darn stiff normal paint pants are when you buys them and they only get worse as the paint and caulk became embedded in the fabric. I hope you expand your line to include darker colored work pants because I find that I reach for a pair when I work in the yard or in my garage. Thank you again for a great product and best of luck in the continued growth of your company. I’m sure you’ll be successful because these Armed pants sell themselves”

    , 22 year Veteran Painter
  • Armed and Dangerous in the Best damn pants on earth! Thanks Armed Workwear.
    Pictures were taken on Kiawah Island,  South Carolina

    -Brandon Blatchford

    Blatchford pic2

  • “Absolutely the most comfortable painters pants I have ever worn. I’ll be back.”

  • “I recently purchased 2 pair of your painters pants and I absolutely love them.They are superior in almost every way to any other painters pants I have owned ,I espescially like all the pockets around the front leg area.Also they dont shrink like other painters pants, and they are much more durable which is great because they do take a beating.The best part about them is the built in knee pad pockets, my knees have also taken a beating over the years and these knee pads are a great help.Great product!! Keep up the good work.”

    , Kurt Dwyer Painting
  • “I wear you Painters Pants almost every day now and I love them. They’re the best work pants ever. I bought them at the Salt Lake Benjamin Moore store. Also I would love to know when you get these in other colors so I can wear them even when I am not painting. “

    , Professional Painter
  • “Thank you from the bottom of my knees!! “

    , Gader Painting
  • I not only think these pants are the best on the market but have gotten to
    the point that I will only wear them to work in exclusively. It’s the knee pads
    (as well as the pockets) but mostly the knee pads that have saved my body from
    so much wear and tear.

  • “If your not wearing Armed Work Pants you might as well be wearing a dress!”

  • “I couldn’t be happier with the work pants. They are just what I was looking for. I have recommended your product to many of my subs and employees. I am a general contractor and feel these pants are a must have for any one who are on their knees a lot and cant stand knee pads. The pants are very high quality and extremely comfortable..(they look cool too.). I wish I had come up with this idea! I will be purchasing more in the future and will be glad to recommend you product to others. Thank You”

    , RBM Enterprises
  • “The pants are well worth the money, you get what you pay for. I appreciate quality! “

    , Honey Painting
  • “These pants are great. They are made well and the pockets help out a lot. I have even told my local paint supplier about your pants and you sent them a sample. I hope they start selling them. Thank you Gerry”

  • Thank you for making a pair of paints that can handle the work load. Finally the all out Hard core production painter paints that can keep up with the ever changing industry. Rock on Armed for life ! I look forward to doing business with Armed work wear.


  • I never bring weapons to work, but I’m always ARMED

  • “have been very pleased with the pants… have to get used to there being pockets, seem to forget but use them otherwise. The knee pads are great!!!! The pants don’t seem to shrink either…which is great

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